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Spotify: Find what Drives you

Problem: Spotify's daily drive feature allows listeners to listen to their favorite songs, daily news, and podcasts on the go. the feature has largely been promoted for car rides. The pandemic has seen people use their cars to go for long drives and listen to music as a means of rejuvenating. We want the daily drive to be at the forefront during moments like these.

Insight: Commuters not only listen to music while they drive their cars but also when they go gymming, go grocery shopping, or simply go for hikes. What defines our 'drive' does not limit to the car commute.  

Solution: We are redefining what the word 'drive' means. We are looking at opportunities where people listen to music and use targeted advertising to promote the daily drive feature of Spotify.

aditi cheryl sobti - art director; keerthikeyan dakshinamurthy - art director; matthew weisman - copywriter

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