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Cookie Lessons for All: 
An Innovative learning tool for children


90% of blind and visually impaired children don't learn braille, hindering their literacy and independence


Blind and visually impaired children are often taught in mainstream classrooms alongside sighted peers, lacking access to specialized tools and instruction


We're going to use something everyone loves — Oreos! — to make learning braille fun and accessible for all children. We want to create classrooms where everyone feels included and learns together

Role: Concept, Art Direction

Purpose: Student Spec Work

AD: Aditi Sobti

AD: Maria Diaz Diaz

CW: Cecilia Minashes

CW: Jamal Means

oreo 5 (1).jpg
OREO (1).png

side a

oreo r (1).png
OREO E (2).png
OREO O (1).png
OREO O (1).png

side b

The cookies will serve as practice tools when paired with the braille learning cards. Each cookie will be embedded with a braille alphabet letter, making learning fun and easy

Oreo-Braille-mockup-2 (1).png
Oreo-Braille-cards-mockup1 (1).png

Learning cards

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