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Cookie Lessons for All: 
An Innovative learning tool for children


It is estimated that 1 in 3 people who have a disability live in poverty. People with visual impairment fall under this category.


A visually impaired person well-versed in Braille can lead a more independent life in the community. It is important to initiate Braille literacy at an early age. 


The Oreo Braille campaign will initiate braille learning to educate all children (those with visual impairments and those without), using the Oreo cookie as a learning tool.

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The cookies will serve as a practice tool when paired with the Oreo Braille learning cards. Each cookie will be embedded with a braille alphabet letter, making learning fun and easy.

Oreo-Braille-mockup-2 (1).png
Oreo-Braille-cards-mockup1 (1).png

Learning cards

Aditi Cheryl Sobti  ART DIRECTOR; Maria Diaz Diaz  ART DIRECTOR; Jamal Means ART DIRECTOR; Cecilia Minashes COPYWRITER

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