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Netflix: Blame it on the Shuffle

Problem: Netflix wants to promote its 'shuffle' feature that helps netizens get random movie/tv show recommendations from Netflix itself. 

Insight: Let's face it. People don't like taking responsibility. when somebody says "you choose what to watch", it comes with enormous pressure. "What if it's boring?" "What if I pick the wrong show?" "What if they don't think it's funny?"

Solution: Netflix is taking the pressure off you with 'shuffle.' The show isn't doing it for you? That's on us. You can blame it on the shuffle.

This brief was part of the Miami Ad School Hackathon 2020 that hosted students and mentors from 22 countries. With over 130 talents and 18 teams, our 'Blame it on the Shuffle' campaign won. My role in the project was to collaborate with the other art directors in the team and set the visual tone of the campaign in under 48 hours. We created all the campaign mockups and designed the deck for the final presentation.


aditi cheryl sobti - art director; hilaria narducci - art director; kanchi undevia - art director; leire jauregibeitia - copywriter; matthew weisman - copywriter

recognitions- miami ad school hackathon 2020 winner

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