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Wild Yonder: Launch campaign


Wild Yonder is losing relevance and has become stagnant with younger generations. 


The up + coming generations have on-demand expectations - they identify with brands that meet them at the moment. 


Every moment is an adventure- reintroduce wild yonder as a reinvented brand with an elevated mission and manifesto.

Mission: Sustainably fuel the dreams of every American through adventure.

Wild Yonder is a mock company. The budget for this launch was $100 million and our task was to design and conceptualize the entire launch campaign for the brand. 

WY logo old.png

old logo

WY logo 3.png

new logo

WY logo 1.png
WY logo 2.png
WY lookbook.jpg

new look

social media

WY shop now.png

instagram shopping

USG WY 2.png
USG WY.png


city projection.jpg
recycling bin 2.jpg

QR code leads to the wild yonder landing page with an 8-bit gamification 

social media promotions for the game

story WY.jpg


WY invitation.png
WY 1.jpg

strategist: jeb silburn; strategist: casey jordan-leigh; copywriter: cecilia minashes; copywriter: kailee needham; art director: aditi cheryl sobti

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