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Levi's: Diminishing Potty Parity


Potty Parity refers to providing men and women with equal access to public toilets. It is an issue of gender discrimination that is both under-discussed and highly experienced. And it is the reason women wait in public restroom lines 34% times longer than men.

Idea: Since women’s pants get the short end of the stick when it comes to a long bathroom wait, Levi’s is getting involved.

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A campaign to diminish Potty Parity

The Potty Parity (1).jpg
The Potty Parity.jpg
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Levi’s will open a series of new stores that from the outside look like a typical store.

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OOH Location: Outside of crowded public restrooms, Levi’s ads will redirect visitors to the nearby stores dedicated to diminishing Potty Parity.

To represent the 34% extra wait time that women experience at public restrooms, Levi’s Youtube pre-roll ads will be skippable after 7 seconds instead of the usual 5.

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Visit to learn more about joining Levi’s in diminishing Potty Parity.

Creative team:

Art Director- Aditi Cheryl Sobti, Art Director- Maria Diaz Diaz, Copywriter- Molly Baraff

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